Hope India will not change policy under Narendra Modi: Palestinian envoy

Palestinian Ambassador Adli Shaban Hassan Sadeq voiced hope
New Delhi: Palestinian Ambassador Adli Shaban Hassan Sadeq on Wednesday voiced hope that there will be no change in India's policy on Israel-Palestine issue under the Narendra Modi government.
Thanking India for it vote in support of a UNHRC resolution to launch a probe into Israel's offensive on Gaza recently, the envoy said his country looks forward to a greater and effective Indian role in international policy.
He added that they have dealt with BJP-led government earlier also.
"Things are different in power. The position will be different while they are in government. Here they will be in front of responsibility which will be seen by all followers in international arena," Sadeq said here.
He said the government will have to take a balanced stand and "if there is something that needs to be condemned, they should condemn. Where they need to be brave, they will be brave. That is their responsibility".
Asked if he fears that the BJP-led government might move closer to Israel, he said, "I don't fear that. They voted in support of the UNHRC resolution,". He described this as a "positive start".
However, Sadeq said that he will see as "negative" if the Modi government makes a "progressive relationship" with the current Israel government and not with Israel per se.
"They can do other things with Israel, with Israeli companies but with this government...," he said. Underlining that India is "a very great country", he said Palestinians feel that it should emerge as a super power.
"So we look forward to a greater and effective Indian role in international policy," he said at an interaction organised by the Indian Women Press Corps.
( Source : PTI )
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