Tata Power to double generation capacity 18,000 MW by 2022

Tata generates power from thermal, hydroelectric and renewable energy

New Delhi: Electricity producer Tata Power aims to double its generation capacity to 18,000 MW from all sources of energy by 2022.

The company generates power from different fuel sources -- thermal (coal, gas and oil), hydroelectric power, renewable energy (wind and solar Photo-Voltaic). Its current generation capacity is 8,613 MW. Tata Power generated 11,866 million units from its thermal stations during the quarter ended June 30, 2014. Its two projects -- Coastal Gujarat Power Ltd (CGPL) and Maithon Power Ltd (MPL)-- were the top contributors to increased generation. "CGPL and MPL continue to contribute significantly towards the increase in generation capacity, with 6,599 million units and 1,793 million units respectively for Q1 FY 2015, as compared to the previous year with 6,148 MUs and 1,719 MUs in the same period," Tata Power said in a statement.

"We at Tata Power have an ambitious roadmap to expand our presence across the power value chain to empower and positively impact the lives of our stakeholders. We will continue in our endeavours to further strengthen our operations and optimally utilise our resources to achieve the set targets," Anil Sardana, Managing Director, Tata Power said. "By 2022, Tata Power aims to boost the generation capacity to 18,000 MW and 4,000 MW of distribution respectively," the company statement said.

Tata Power has presence in the clean energy sector with a gross installed capacity of 1,202 MW. Its total operating capacity includes 460.6 MW from wind farms and 54 MW from solar generation. In addition, the company has 447 of hydro and 240 MW from waste gas based generation. Megawatt (MW) refers to generation capacity while million units indicates the amount of power or energy produced. One MW can produce 1,000 units of electricity in one hour.

( Source : PTI )
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