Nepal gay community parades for same-sex marriage

Government committee recommends same-sex marriage be guaranteed in new constitution

Kathmandu: Hundreds of lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transvestites (LGBT) are parading through Nepal's capital to celebrate Gaijatra, a Hindu festival gleefully overtaken each year by the country's gay community and cheered by onlookers.

A government committee is recommending same-sex marriage be guaranteed in a new constitution, giving gay and lesbian couples the right to adopt, buy joint property, open joint bank accounts and inherit from one another.

Many Nepalese lined the cobble-stoned streets of old Kathmandu city on Monday to catch a glimpse of those parading, some carrying banners or rainbow-colored balloons, others tooting horns and ringing chimes.

In the socially conservative Hindu-majority nation, the festival was traditionally the only day people felt free to cross-dress. But norms are changing fast as this fledgling Himalayan democracy emerges from centuries of religious monarchy.

( Source : AP )
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