Migrated Telangana people rushing home to enrol in government survey

Nearly 8 lakh Telangana people reportedly live in Mumbai

Mumbai: Buses and trains from Mumbai to Telangana are running packed with thousands belonging to the newly formed state, currently residing here, rushing to their native places to enrol in the state-wide 'Intensive Household Survey 2014' to be held next week.

Lakhs of people from Telangana districts have migrated to states like Maharashtra, Gujarat in search of livelihood. Nearly 8 lakh Telangana people reportedly live in Mumbai.

For the one-day 'Samagra Kutumba Survey' or 'Intensive Household Survey 2014' to be held on August 19, one or two members from each migrated family are returning to their homes to enrol in it, carrying required documents of the rest of the family members.

Chief Minister K Chandrasekhara Rao has said that only people who are enrolled in the survey will be eligible for the various welfare schemes and benefits offered by the state government in future, including subsidised ration, Aarogyasri benefits, pensions, fee reimbursement etc.

Hence, the Telangana people are frantically asking their near and dear ones in other states to return home at any cost, to be present for the survey.

"It's a mad rush," described Gurrapu Narsimhaswamy (54), owner of a private bus travel agency from Worli.

"Buses from Mumbai to Telangana are full till August 18. No seats are available right now. Each bus consists of 45 seats," he said, adding that "We are mulling to run additional buses."

Similar is the case with Andhra state buses from Mumbai to Telangana.

"Daily one bus runs from Mumbai to Nizamabad. The bus is full till August 17," said Janardhan Dharmapuri (60), a ticket booking agent. The trains to Telangana are also completely booked.

"All trains from Mumbai to Telangana are booked fully. Tickets are not available till August 18. I am worried as to how to send my parents to our village in Adilabad. The

Railways should run additional trains to meet the requirements of Telangana people," said bank executive Prashant Arolla.

However, central railway spokesperson A K Singh said there was no proposal to run additional trains to Telangana as of now from higher authorities.

Hemant Kumar Baddy, TRS Mumbai region president, said he has requested the Telangana authorities to ensure running of additional buses and trains for the citizens coming from Mumbai.

( Source : PTI )
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