Will Bipasha Basu and Harman Baweja tie the knot?

Published Aug 10, 2014, 5:46 am IST
Updated Mar 31, 2019, 1:20 pm IST
Rumour has it that Bipasha Basu and Harman Baweja might be tying the knot next year
Bipasha Basu and Harman Baweja.
 Bipasha Basu and Harman Baweja.
 On their marriage
Ganesha observes that Bipasha is under the influence of Jupiter return and Jupiter will be transiting over Harman’s Natal Rahu. Bipasha’s stars are stronger as compared to Harman’s as of now (as far as marriage is concerned). 
The stars say that while the marriage will take place, there might be some delays or difficulties before that.
Bipasha was dating John Abraham in the past whereas Harman was dating Priyanka Chopra. Will their past relationships have an impact  on their marriage? 
Generally during planetary returns, people from the past resurface in your life; it depends on the nature of planet and it’s aspects with other planets. As Bipasha is under the influence of Jupiter return and as Jupiter is retrograde in her horoscope, her past may resurface in her life till July 2015, after which things will be normal. 
In Harman’s case, Ganesha doesn’t find this happening astrologically. However, he will have to be more careful in case of relationships after marriage because he is born with debilitated Venus. Saturn controls Venus in his chart, so Harman will not become an outright disloyal husband, but the road will be slippery for him post marriage (Venus is the significator of love, when it’s debilitated, a person may have more than one relationships, even extra-marital ones).
Will their marriage be a success?
It will be a successful union, provided they ensure that physically they don’t stay apart for long periods. The next three years are going to be tough for the couple as far as marital relationship is concerned.
Will the marriage affect their individual careers?
Planetary interactions in both the horoscopes indicate that Harman’s career may get a bit of a lift after marriage. 
However, Bipasha’s career may not receive a great boost because Saturn will be transiting over her Venus for two-and-a-half years, starting November 2014. Planetary transits in Harman’s chart indicate his career progressing after August 2015.