Vibgyor case: Police give up pursuit of abettors?

Nearly a dozen employees, including teachers, have been either dismissed or suspended

Bengaluru: It seems that the police are not going ahead with further investigation that would have led to the arrest of abettors of crime in the six-year-old rape case in Vibgyor High School in Marthahalli.

Sources claimed that nearly a dozen school employees, including teachers, have been either dismissed or suspended, while some others have resigned. Some parents of Vibgyor schoolchildren said that they saw a list of five teachers who have been suspended from the school. But the police refused to say whether they were continuing with the investigation to zero in on the abettors, though it has been more than a month since the crime occurred on the school premises.

Ms Rohini Katoch Sepat, the only woman DCP in the city (South East Division),said, “Since it’s a high-profile case, it is handled directly by the Joint Commissioner (Crime), Additional Commissioner (Crime) and the police commissioner himself.”

She said, “School staffers are being questioned by the police, but no one has been arrested for abetment until now.”

On the security arrangements made at the school, Vandana, the parent of a student, said, “We visited the school premises and monitored the ongoing security measures that are being deployed at the school. The attendance in the school is increasing which is encouraging. On Monday, there was 87% percentage attendance.”

Major Aditi, an active volunteer, said, “There are many students who are leaving the school. More than a dozen of them have already left the school. They have joined two or three private schools in the neighbourhood without transfer certificates as Vibgyor refused to give them TCs.”

( Source : dc correspondent )
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