Tweet war on #womenagainstfeminism

A hashtag on Twitter titled #WomenAgainstFeminism has gone viral

Sydney: A hashtag on Twitter titled #WomenAgainstFeminism has gone viral in the US and is re-opening the debate on how far women have really come. According to, the movement originated from a Tumblr post which contained photographs of women holding up signs explaining why they don’t need feminism.

The explanations vary from “I do like being feminine”, “catcalling isn’t rape”, “cooking for my husband is not oppression”, “I love to be sexy for my man”, to “I don’t need something that tells me the actions of a slut are okay”.

The reaction to the posts have varied, with many complaining that the women do not understand feminism, while others suggest that some of the comments are a “reasonably fair description of a large, influential, highly visible segment of modern feminism”. quoted Chelsen Vicari of the Institute on Religion & Democracy as saying women were expressing their disapproval of the “War on Women” claims of modern-day feminism, which, she said, is far from the women’s rights movement.

( Source : agencies )
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