Up or down, Facebook lands in strange spots

Facebook is being used for harassing people
Student invites FB users to join class-action petition:Vienna: Austrian law student Max Schrems has appealed to a billion Facebook users around the world to join a class-action lawsuit against Facebook’s alleged violations of its users’ privacy, stepping up a years-long data-protection campaign.
Mr Schrems, a thorn in Facebook’s side who has a case involving the social network pending at the European Court of Justice, has filed a claim at Vienna's commercial court and invited others to join the action at using their Facebook login.
Under Austrian law, a group of people may transfer their financial claims to a single person in this case, Schrems. Legal proceedings are then effectively run as a class action.
Mr Schrems is claiming damages of 500 euros ($670) per user for data violations, including aiding the US National Security Agency.
Dares on social media are deadly:San Francisco: Online challenges daring people to set themselves ablaze or douse themselves in ice water are racking up casualties and fuelling wonder regarding idiocy in the Internet age.
US media reported that a teenager was recovering on Friday from second-degree burns caused by pouring alcohol on himself and igniting it in a take on a dangerous “fire challenge” shown in videos posted at YouTube and Facebook.
On Twitter posts with hashtag #firechallenge showed a video clip of a young man apparently setting fire to himself in a bathtub, only to fall out in a desperate scramble to douse the flames and remove his burning shorts
U.S. cops get calls after FB outage:Los Angeles: This has to be the ultimate ‘crime’. Police in the Los Angeles County started getting complaints, when Facebook went down.
The situation got so bad, according to WFSB, that an officer from the Los Angeles county had to take Twitter to remind people about the reasons for calling them for help.
"#Facebook is not a Law Enforcement issue, please don't call us about it being down, we don't know when FB will be back up!" Sgt. Burton Brink wrote.
Users who tried to get on Facebook around noon were greeted with an apology. The service was back in an hour.
( Source : Reuters/AFP )
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