Meet the man who plays the French horn with his toes

Felix Klieser is a professional musician who was born with no arms

London: A German man who was born with no arms and plays French horn with his toes .

Felix Klieser, who is a professional musician, uses his feet to do most things and has even toured with Sting, the BBC reported.

The 23-year-old is working on a second album and has a diary full of concert bookings up to December 2015 and recently became an ambassador for the One-Handed Musical Instrument Trust (OHMI), which helps fund the development of adapted or specially designed instruments for musicians with one hand and other limb differences.

Klieser said that he plays the instrument by putting it on a stand and then with his left foot, he presses the keys which are known as valves and the mute, (which changes the sound), is on a separate stand that rolls and he uses his right foot to move that in and out of the bell (the bit at the end of the horn).

He said that his life is very easy and as he's a musician and he wants to play concerts, the rest is private for him.

Klieser added that he hates public life, he is what he is and does what je does, but doesn't want to be famous, instead he would want to lead a normal life and be a normal person and that he wants to give people a nice time and touch them with music.

Video courtesy: BerlinClassics/YouTube

( Source : ANI )
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