Telangana government plans scientific land survey in nine districts

The time taken for the survey will be five years and will cost Rs 1000 crores

Hyderabad: The Telangana government will soon take up a scientific integrated land information survey in nine districts of the state at an estimated expenditure of Rs 1,000 crore to be completed in five years.

After 1934, such a scientific survey, which involves geographical information system, global positioning system and satellite imagery technology and other technology, will be in use for the first time in Telangana. Similar scientific land surveys were taken up in Thailand, Canada, the UK and Australia.

The National Remote Sensing Agency, which has already completed a pilot project in Nizamabad, will take up the survey. The integrated survey will be taken up with '1000 crore fund, while the Central Urban Development Ministry has already announced to fund 75 per cent of the expenditure.

Unlike in other states, the category and different types of land in Telangana revenue department are many.

Sarfekaz, Karij Khatha, Lapatta, enemy properties, ULC, Kandisikulu, Sarkaru and Abadi among others are various types of nomenclature used for types of land in different districts of Telangana.

Land surveys in AP were not systematic. Different systems were adopted during the initial surveys. In teh Andhra area diagonal offset system is in vogue while in Telangana, the Maharashtra system is followed.

( Source : dc correspondent )
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