MH17 crash: Victims died in seconds

First bodies from MH17 arrived in the Netherlands on Wednesday

Eindhoven: The first bodies from MH17 arrived in the Netherlands on Wednesday, almost a week after the tragedy. Dutch military personnel hoisted 40 wooden coffins from two planes and placed them in individual hearses at Eindhoven airport.

Meanwhile, an Ausralian expert said that the 298 victims would have been killed instantly or remained conscious for only a few seconds. Forensic scientist David Royds, University of Canberra, told the Herald Sun that it’s “very unlikely the passengers would have suffered.”

This contrasts sharply with the suffering of passengers of Korean Air 007 that was shot down by the USSR in the 80s. The KAL plane flew for 12 minutes after it was shot by an MiG fighter aircraft before crashing at sea.

( Source : agencies )
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