Watch: Dog plies crying baby with toys, gets 7 lakh hits

The video of a dog giving toys to a baby to stop her crying has gone viral

London: A dog is truly man’s best friend. And YouTube watchers agree. YouTube watchers have latched on to a video of a dog that plies a crying baby with toys till the little girl is pacified.

Perhaps the dog did feel a little guilty: He had taken away a toy, which made the toddler howl in the first place. Daily Mail reported that the beagle, named Charlie, initially disrupted the little girl by taking away one of the toys in her rocker.

After the baby, named Laura, begins to cry, the dog attempts to compensate by bringing over some other toys. The Youtube video has received over 700,000 hits. The clip become so popular that a Facebook page has been started on Charlie’s behalf, the paper reported. The page documents both his funny and everyday encounters with Laura.

Watch video here:

( Source : dc correspondent )
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