MH17 Plane crash sparks online conspiracy theories

Most followed theories suggested that the attack was aimed at President Vladimir Putin
Minutes after the flight MH17 crashed the usual raft of conspiracy theories regarding the downing of the passenger jet were fuelled among online communities.
Among several conspiracy theories the most followed theories that suggested that the attack was actually aimed at President Vladimir Putin, based on the fact that Putin's jet was similar to the Malaysian Plane which was brought down by Ukrainian rebels.
This notion was given credence by Russia Today, who filed a report suggesting that Putin’s plane flew on the same flight path less than an hour after the attack.
There was a speculation on social media website that everyone from Obama to the Rothschild family was to blame for an attempted assassination on the Russian leader that went wrong.
The raw image of unburned passports at the crash site was enough for the online community to cry foul, suggesting that the documentation had been planted, and that the entire tragedy was a false flag event.
A staple of the suspicious is to claim that everything is a hoax, from 9/11 to Boston bombing to the shooting at Sandy Hook. Some of the conspiracy theorist while sitting on their computer connect these dots and take it to another level of grand conspiracy theory.
One of the trending conspiracy theories most followed by Indians suggested that Indias Prime Minister Narendra Modi's flight on same route was an hour behind.
Some also stated the incident as a false flag operation to launch World War 3 soon.
The occult/illuminati connection to this plane crash are laid out in the 2nd video below and are absolutely stunning as the NWO [New World Order] attempts to start WW3 as their grip on power falls apart as the US dollar dies and on the same day TWA Flight 800 was shot down in 1996.
One of the more bonkers theories suggested that the plane that was attacked over Ukraine was actually the missing MH370, the Malaysian aircraft that disappeared over the Indian Ocean earlier this year. How or why is not expanding upon.
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