Germans for typewriters to dodge NSA

Politicians say that they are considering return to using typewriters to save sensitive documents

Berlin: In the wake of the US surveillance scandal, German politicians say that they are considering a return to using manual typewriters to save sensitive documents. According to a report in The Guardian, the surprising news came from a Christian Democrat member of the Bundestag, Patrick Sensburg, who is heading an inquiry into the alleged US spying operations in Germany which led to the expulsion of a CIA agent.

Mr Sensburg said in an interview that he and his colleagues are seriously thinking of ditching email completely. Amid speculation that the CIA had actively targeted the German inquiry into its activities, attempting to eavesdrop on it electronically, Mr Sensburg told the interviewer that the typewriter plan was “no joke”, reported The Week.

“Unlike other inquiry committees, we are investigating an ongoing situation. Intelligence activities are still going on, they are happening,” said Mr Sensburg. Last year, Russia reportedly took similar measures in response to proof of NSA spying, as revealed by Edward Snowden. German politicians are also shunning the telephone, says the report.

( Source : agencies )
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