Polavaram dam-hit for long term agitations

Adivasis are traumatised their culture and tradition being affected by the project

Khammam: Adivasis to be affected by the Polavaram irrigation project are planning a long term agitation. They have chalked out a strategy to highlight the issue at the national level by organising human chains, bandhs, rasta rokos, hunger strike and other forms of protests.

They want to involve environment and social activists like Medha Patkar and Arundhati Roy in the movement.

The Adivasis, who are traumatised at the very thought of their culture and tradition being affected by the project, are toying with the idea of seeking support of political parties. The Adivasis are suspicious about the packages to be doled out by the government to them. The Adivasi Sankshema Parishad and Girijan Sankshema Parishad will spearhead the movement.

The dam alone will displace more than 17,7,275 people. Of them, 60,770 belong to Adivasi communities from Khammam.

Girijan Sankshema Parishad convener Sondu Veeraiah said that Adivasis are becoming sacrificial lambs in any irrigation project in the country and Polavaram is not an exception. “We have been living in the jungles, hillocks, near the Godavari river, with wildlife and rocks since generations and our life will be disrupted by the project,” he said.

Sunnam Venkata Ramana of Adivasi Sankshema Parishad said the government is trying to woo the people by announcing packages. “People, who have been displaced by irrigation dams in the country, have never led happy lives. We will continue our fight against the project and face whatever comes our way.”

The Adivasis organised a meeting in Bhadrachalam on Tuesday by inviting professors from Satavahana University and Osmania University.

( Source : dc )
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