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Watch: The 10,000 iPhone 5 domino effect

Published Jul 11, 2014, 4:31 pm IST
Updated Mar 31, 2019, 7:57 pm IST
The video shows 10,000 units of Apple’s iPhone 5s used for a domino effect

The video shows 10,000 units of Apple’s iPhone 5s used for a domino effect. Each iPhone 5s is carefully placed and programmed that when they hit the next phone, the display turns on. The neatly placed iPhones fall over each other till the end, where another set of iPhone 5s are waiting. This final set of phones are placed in a rectangular shape, which when dropped over, form a large screen. The screen is formed with a neatly synchronised program to display a single video. Watch the video till the end and then scroll right down to read ahead.


Though the video seems real, it is actually not. The number of iPhones used for the commercial would cost a million dollars, which, though possible, is not practical. The first iPhone in the video (where the man pushes the phone to start the domino effect) is the only one that is a real iPhone. The rest are all computer generated images.

The brainchild behind this video is Aatma Studios. Aatma is a San Francisco Bay Area animation and digital content studio specializing in the production of imagery for broadcast, interactive and immersive media.

Video courtesy: Aatma Studios, YouTube

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