Fasting Muslims feeling the heat this year

Mouth ulcers, dehydration make life difficult for those on fast

Hyderabad: The intense heatwaves in both the states are taking a toll on the devout fasting during the holy month of Ramzan. The soaring daytime temperatures are leading to dehydration, mouth ulcers, urinary problems and also giddiness among fasting Muslims who are going about their daily jobs.

Experts say that mouth ulcers are the result of eating too much fatty and oily foods. Also, there is a tendency to have heavy meals before starting the fast. Irfan Sheikh, a 23-year-old corporate executive, travels close to 45 km every day in and around the city. He said, “The heat during the day is taking a toll on our health. The body gets dehydrated by the evening.”

Like him, many sales managers, corporate executives and field workers are complaining of symptoms of dehydration and urinary problems as their intake of water is minimal. Dietician Madhurima Sinha of Care Hospitals, said, “Mouth ulcers are due to lack of vitamins in the body. Due to the climate conditions and also the fast, it is important to not have too much fatty and oily foods.”

Nutritionist Dr Janaki Srinath said, “It is best to have water-based fruits like water melon, coconut water, butter-milk, home-made shikanji and fruit salad as they will help beat the heat. Also, people must avoid foods with too much sugar as it will lead to increase in glucose levels in the body. Stick to simple but nutritious food which will give the required vitamins, minerals and proteins.”

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