Unsure about hair colours? Try hair chalk!

Hair chalk is not a traditional hair color and it’s not a direct dye

Hyderabad: Bored of your hair colour? But unsure about a permanent red streak or a blonde highlight? This is when hair chalk steps in.

Choose from neon pinks to blue to green and even purple if you please. The best part is that, you can change the colour when you please.

Hair chalk is made of a water based ink and micro-fiber polymers that create an ultra thin film that glues on to the hair fiber. It’s not a traditional hair color and it’s not a direct dye.

It’s a new form of makeup for hair. The colours are really bright, no hair colour transfer, no chalky texture like the name might actually confuse you and washes out with shampoo in three to five washes depending on your hair texture and shampoo type. Here is how you colour your hair the way you want and when you want. The product is available in only a select few outlets.

Here are a few tips on how to apply hairchalk

* Wash and dry your hair as usual. Ensure that the hair is completely dry.
* Use the applicator provided. Gently shake the bottle of colour and pour three to four drops onto the applicator.
* Take small sections of the hair and slide the applicator down along the shaft of the hair where the colour is desired. Comb your hair after the application to ensure even result.
* Let the hair dry for 30 seconds to one minute and finish by blow-drying the coloured section of the hair with a styling brush. Start with a small quantity of the product and re-apply for even colour if needed.
* Straightening helps in sealing the colour better and longer. So make sure you do that in the end and you will have the colour last longer.

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