Gambling dens raided, 186 held in Hyderabad and Cyberabad

A total amount of Rs 5.6 lakh was seized in the raid

Hyderabad: The Special Operations Team (SOT) Cyberabad raided 19 gambling dens and nabbed 186 persons in June. An amount of Rs 5.6 lakh was seized from the gamblers.
With the Hyderabad police taking steps to curb the rising menace of gambling houses, Cyberabad police commissioner C.V. Anand directed officials to raid gambling houses in the commissionerate. Though there are no organised clubs in Cyberabad, the commissioner instructed that gambling should not be encouraged. The highest amount Rs 1.25 lakh was seized from Ibrahimpatnam, while the lowest Rs 1,400 was seized from Kushaiguda.
The cops also seized about 170 cellphones, 91 bikes, two cars and an autorickshaw.

( Source : dc correspondent )
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