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Probing a 40-year-old haunting

Published Jul 2, 2014, 6:47 am IST
Updated Mar 31, 2019, 9:51 pm IST
City blogger Aditya Chintha is set to bust the Dedh Lakh Ghar ‘haunted house mystery’

Hyderabad: A year after city blogger Aditya Chintha busted the famous Kundanbagh haunting, he is all set to carry out a similar operation at the famous Dedh Lakh Ghar in Sitaphalmandi.

The second year B.Tech student has already garnered a lot of interest online, calling for volunteers to join him on his new mission that aims to take down the urban legend of more than 40 years.


In May, he posted the background of the house: “The owner of the house built this house by spending 1 and a half lakh 40 years ago. This was a very huge amount at that time and this is the most expensive building in that area. So everyone named it as ‘Dhed Lakh Ghar’, this is how that name originated (sic).”

According to the stories that have been circulating for four decades, after the original owner’s wife died of a heart attack, the house saw two suicides when on lease. “These rumours made the beautiful house a haunted house. Now no one is ready to buy or demolish the house,” says Aditya.


People apparently are even afraid to walk close to the house after 9 pm. And the blogger took a special interest in the house after a friend narrated to him his own experience. His friend Kiran is quoted as saying, “As I came across this building at around 9.30 pm, all street lights turned off and my cycle chain got struck (could be a coincidence) in the rain and dogs started barking. And in the darkness the house looked really eerie. I ran for my life. I strongly believe that there is some supernatural power that exists in this house.”


Although there isn’t an active ghost-busting culture in the city, Aditya says, “These stories just began to interest me as a Hyderabadi. And I really don’t know how I mustered up the courage to go there because people often warn me that there is some truth in the stories of paranormal activity and ghosts.”

“Solving the Kundanbagh mystery, however, gave me some confidence. The truth was that there was a murder way back in 2001, but there is no such thing as a haunting in the house,” he adds.

Aditya is also aware that these rumours not only affect the real estate, but also affect the neighbours’ peace of mind. “So they need to be addressed,” he says. With several people volunteering to go with him on his Dedh Lakh Ghar mission, Aditya and his group of friends — some of whom have also experienced strange things around the property — are waiting for their exams to get over on July 4 to start the mission.