State women's commission flooded by pre-marital sex complaints

The State Mahila Commission received more than 150 complaints

Hyderabad: More than 150 complaints from unmarried women, who have allegedly been cheated by their partners, pertaining to pre-marital sex, have been received by the State Mahila Commission till June.

Many qualified women, within the age group of 20-24 years, working for reputed firms and being financially independent, have been approaching the Commission seeking justice.
Interestingly, a majority of them want to get back with their partners who had cheated them.

The Commission received a complaint on Monday from a techie, working in Madhapur. She fell in love with her fellow employee. A few weeks into their relationship, they got physically intimate and he promised to marry her. However he kept postponing the matter and finally married another girl.

“I filed a case of cheating at the Madhapur Police station but nothing has been done so far. So, I approached the Commission. He cheated on me, but I still want him back in my life,” she said.

A study in 2012 released by the AP government stated that the guilt of premarital sex was the highest in Hyderabad. More than 50 per cent people said that they never wanted to repeat the act. Women felt guilty and hence, wanted to get back with their partner.

Another case, that of a doctor from Visakhapatnam, was shocking as her boyfriend filmed their intimacy and blackmailed her. “He said he would send it to my parents if I did not continue my relationship with him. But at the same time he does not want to get married. I also learnt about another affair of his. I was scared, but then I really trusted him. I want to give him another chance, which is why I approached the commission, so that they can bring us together and initiate a dialogue,” she said.

Tripurana Venkatratnam, chairperson of the Commission, said that every week they receive three to five such complaints. “On one side, they have already been cheated and their partners are not willing to have a future with them, whereas on the other, these qualified, young women want to get back with the same people, who will not treat them properly. We issue summons to the police station where FIRs have been reported and ask for an inquiry report within two weeks.”

She added, “Sometimes, we just do not understand how they are pushing themselves into this whole milieu of a compromised relationship. With laws that are enabled for them, they must fight for justice instead of being bound by it.”

( Source : dc )
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