Movie Review ‘Jai Lalitha’: This Wo‘man’ turns you off!

Published Jul 1, 2014, 7:07 pm IST
Updated Jan 10, 2016, 8:38 am IST
The sole USP of the film is to project Sharan as ‘woman’
Cast: Sharan, Disha Pandey
Director: P. Kumar
Rating: **
Bengaluru: There is always an excitement when a hero portrays the role of a woman character on big screen. Sharan, who is riding high after his previous hits, took almost a year to suit the least required ‘mannerism’ of a woman in the movie. Though the hard work towards looking ‘like’ a woman reflects well in the posters, it does not replicate much in terms of performance and makes it a painful watch for over two hours.
It is yet again a simple gimmick to draw the audience to theatres while the screenplay and other vital aspects lack substance for a decent entertainment. Recently the industry witnessed few good films despite them being the remakes, and comedy like these takes the fun away while they are actually made with the sole intention to make the audience laugh. But, in turn, they walk out laughing at the movie! The sole USP of the film is to project Sharan as ‘woman’ while supporting characters are squeezed in with very little relevance.
The story reminds of an age old formula comedy, wherein the protagonist takes the role of a ‘woman’ with the help of a talented make-up artist, for a reason which is usually revealed in the end. Sharan who plays the role of Jai Lalitha while being the woman and Jai Raj while as a man in the film. It takes off with a drama company owner being kidnapped by one of the two, who were entrusted by the owner to safeguard his money after agreeing to sell his property where he runs his drama company.
There is another plot of a rich lad who is struggling to excel in business on his own despite his rich uncle and grandfather, who want him to marry a girl with ‘certain’ horoscope merits. But, he falls in love with another lady, who deserts him before his uncle agrees to accept his choice. It is when Jai Lalitha (Sharan) makes her entry and the rest starts to unfold. Before it ends, Sharan is seen in several lady costumes, running and chasing. Disha Pandey, who makes her debut has nothing much to offer and is just a glamour quotient. A definite ‘skip,’ as the audience can wait till it’s aired on TV!
Location: Karnataka