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Commercial drones: They now catch poachers and shoot videos

Published Jun 29, 2014, 3:40 pm IST
Updated Mar 31, 2019, 10:21 pm IST
Several companies in US have tested delivering flower bouquets and beer
Promotional shoot of a drone delivering pizza in Mumbai. (Photo: DC)
 Promotional shoot of a drone delivering pizza in Mumbai. (Photo: DC)

Mumbai: It sounds pretty shocking but yes you can actually buy an unmanned aerial vehicle or drone at Chandni Chowk in Delhi for the price of a smartphone, however, the civil aviation is yet to issue strict guidelines its use.

A Mumbai-base pizza outlet claimed to use an unmanned drone to execute a delivery by taking the aerial route in May this year.


The claims created quite a buzz, but to our disappointment it was fake and the video was a promotional gimmick by the owners. 

On June 21, a Russian eatery took aerial delivery a step further. DoDo Pizza in the city of Syktyvkar in Russia drone-delivered pizzas to students in a park, according to

The video shows an octocopter, a drone with eight rotors, dropping ordered pizzas to students using a long cord.

The commercial potential of unmanned aerial vehicles has taken businessmen by storm and it surely is the thing to look for in the coming days.


Watch: Promotional footage of Francesco's Pizzeria, a Mumbai restaurant that claimed to use drone to deliver pizza. No pizza was delivered.

Interestingly, several companies in US have tested delivering flower bouquets, beer. Pizza chain Dominos tested delivery through a drone they named the DomiCopter in UK.

Companies in India are using drones to shoot aerail videos for clients that include filmmakers, TV news channels and even weddings.

The Panna Tigger Reserve in Madhya Pradesh has tested the use of drones for keeping poachers at bay and also tracking the movement of animals.


However, drones pose a serious privacy threat and could be misused as they are remote-operated and equipped with built-in cameras that may fly unregulated in cities.

In the Mumbai drone pizza case, police initiated an inquiry against Francesco’s Pizzeria, however, no arrest or formal complaint was eventually made, because of the lack of laws.  

"We don’t have any regulations for drones right now, but are in the process of preparing some rules,” said Prabhat Kumar, the director general of the DGCA. “We are looking at regulations being developed in other countries for reference.” As of now, he said, we do not even have any specific restriction on how high UAVs can be flown.


Well let us see what these drones have for us in the future.

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