Doctors told to work more, complain less

Dr Rajaiah has asked doctors to maintain timing and ensure discipline

Hyderabad: Deputy chief minister Dr T. Rajaiah, on Tuesday asked government doctors at OGH to find out why patients were preferring corporate hospitals for Aarogyasri instead of complaining about it.

When the Telangana Doctors’ Association demanded that Aarogyasri patients must be treated only in government hospitals, Dr Rajaiah said, “Government doctors must not only complain all the time, but also work. If the patients prefer corporate hospitals, has the reason ever been discussed? What is the state of our facilities or equipment? What is the level of sanitation and cleanliness? Are our doctors responsible and ensuring strict discipline? If all these questions are looked into, there will be answers.”

At the OGH, the MRI is not functioning and there is no technician for X–ray machines. These issues need to be sorted out at the department level.

Since taking charge, Dr Rajaiah has been constantly asking doctors to maintain timing and ensure discipline. Patient-care has been the topmost on his agenda and he has been asking doctors to strengthen it, as it is one of the biggest lacunae in government hospitals.

Sources close to Dr Rajaiah said, “Patients from various districts, even those from Ranga Reddy, are calling to say that the doctors are not available at hospitals. When they are not there during duty hours, how can patients have confidence? Hence, they go to corporate hospitals.”

There are numerous complaints pouring in every day in his office and his staff is calling public health centres and also doctors to see that the patients are properly treated.

( Source : dc correspondent )
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