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65 per cent women regret after having cosmetic surgery

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Published on: June 20, 2014 | Updated on: Invalid date

24 per cent encountered complications during or after the operation

Twin sisters share a boyfriend, undergo $ 200k plastic surgery to look identical. (Photo: AP)

Twin sisters share a boyfriend, undergo $ 200k plastic surgery to look identical. (Photo: AP)

Mumbai: A new research suggests that two thirds of Brits who've had cosmetic surgery regret the procedure, with the majority complaining they didn't look how they imagined after the operation.

The poll of 2,638 people, by a firm of medical negligence solicitors, found that 83 percent of people who've had plastic surgery would never consider having a cosmetic procedure again, the Daily Star reported.

The research by was conducted as part of an ongoing study into how Brits feel about any cosmetic surgery that they've had.

The respondents aged 18 and over and from around the UK had all had cosmetic surgery in the last five years.

They were quizzed about the procedures they'd had and how they felt about the results.

For 33 percent, the results of the procedure didn't match the image they had in their heads before going into surgery.

Nearly a quarter (24 percent) encountered complications during or after the op and 17 percent felt the side effects weren't fully explained.

For 13 percent, having surgery failed to increase their self-confidence, and in fact, made them feel less comfortable than before the surgery.

Sadly eight percent regret spending the money and are now in debt as a result of paying for a nip and tuck.

The most common surgeries among the survey group were breast augmentations (31 percent) and nose jobs (27 percent). Liposuction came a close third at 24 percent, while 16 percent had eyelid surgery.

Asked how they felt following surgery, two thirds (65 percent) said they "regret having cosmetic surgery" although 28 percent said they "couldn't be happier with the results".

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