Movie review 'Drishya': What a thriller!

Published Jun 20, 2014, 11:26 pm IST
Updated Jan 10, 2016, 8:38 am IST
Apart from Crazy star, it is Achyuta Kumar who is outstanding as police constable
A still from 'Drishya'
 A still from 'Drishya'

Cast: V. Ravichandran, Navya Nair, Achyuta Kumar.

Music: Ilayaraja


Direction: P.Vasu

Rating: ****

When an audience starts 'reacting' to celluloid characters, it is needles to say that such a movie would be worth watching and Dhrishya by all standards is a top class experience. With the perfect screenplay, Dhrishya thrills and grips the audience right till the end with crazy star V.Ravichandran at his best performance lately, which syncs so well that the character of Rajendra Ponnappa seems tailor-made for him.

The plot and the screenplay, first drawn as an inspiration from a foreign language film, to make Malayalam Drishyam, is now a brilliantly made remake in Sandalwood as Dhrishya. Amidst all the recent 'starry' and 'mass' oriented films, which are mostly remakes of hero centric ready-made masala movies, this one is an exception despite tagged as a remake.

Dhrishya reminds the audience that for a best movie, it foremost requires a brilliant screenplay and how it is projected by a director with top class performances gelled with overall team work. P. Vasu, who is known for his remake abilities with hits like Apthamitra, Chandramukhi and several others, has done it without diluting the 'plot' which is the soul and essence of the movie.

For those who have and those who have not witnessed the magic of Drishyam in Malayalam, Dhrishya in Kannada, is a again a must watch movie. Usually a movie with commercial interest is made for target audience and the fans but movies like Dhrishya are to be watched for the wonderful experience itself.

Rajendra Ponnappa (Crazy Star), a fourth standard pass person is content with his family of two children and a wife with an educational qualification of tenth fail! Being an orphan, he has come up the hard way in life and is respected by all but for one police constable, in a small town in Madikeri where he operates a cable business along with cultivation in his own few acres of land. Dhrishya (translate to as 'scene') opens with a newly inaugurated police station in the small town. Soon it shifts to residents worried over Ponnappa being called again by the police for an enquiry over a murder case. The victim is the son of an Inspector General of Police.

So what is the connection to such a honest person and being enquired over a murder charge! As the murder investigation intensifies, it so does for an edge of the seat experience.  Revealing much over the story line would definitely spoil the fun and hence a highly recommended one to, not to miss it. Navya Nair, who returns to Sandalwood is apt and so also the two girls who portray the role of Ponnappa's daughters, for putting up a descent performance. Apart from Crazy star, it is Achyuta Kumar who is outstanding as police constable.


Location: Karnataka