Russian embassy in Kiev attacked

Protesters hurled bricks, stones and eggs at the building

Kiev: Russia’s embassy in Kiev came under a hail of missiles as protesters vented their anger against Moscow’s backing of separatist rebels in east Ukraine.

They hurled bricks, stones and eggs at the building. Some witnesses said the Russian flag was ripped up. Several cars which appeared to belong to the embassy were overturned and a metal gate was damaged. There was no attempt by Ukrainian police to intervene.

The assault came as Ukraine’s president promised tough action against pro-Russian rebels who shot down an army transport plane on Saturday. A day of mourning’s been announced. The violence comes as talks continue ahead of Monday’s deadline for Russia to cut off Ukraine’s gas supplies.

Russia condemned Ukrainian police inaction during a violent protest outside its embassy. The Russian foreign ministry called the lack of a police response “a grave violation of Ukraine’s international obligations”. The US also condemmed the attack.

( Source : agencies )
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