Interim government in Thailand by September

Peace and reforms must be achieved first for new elections

Bangkok: The head of Thailand’s military junta said on Friday that an interim government would be set up by September, offering the most specific timeline yet on a possible transfer of power after last month’s coup.

Army commander Gen. Prayuth Chanocha has already said it could take more than a year for new elections to be held because peace and reforms must be achieved first.

He on Friday said that a temporary Constitution would be drafted and an interim government installed in the next three months. “A government will likely be set up in August or early September,” Gen. Prayuth told a meeting of civil servants. “When we have a government, we will move forward. Then the reform council can begin.”

A reform council tasked with instituting political reforms in the deeply divided country will include rivals from Thailand’s long-running political conflict, he said. The Army seized power overthrowing a government elected voters three years ago.

( Source : AFP )
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