Hyderabad metro works add to school woes

Parked buses and autorickshaws on under construction sites create traffic jams

Hyderabad: Traffic jams are already a big problem due to the ongoing metro rail works and with the schools reopening from June 12, managing traffic during school hours is going to be quite a task.

Not only school buses but also a large number of autorickshaws wait for almost an hour in advance for the children, blocking traffic.

The stretch from Secunderabad at St. Ann’s school is a major bottleneck and traffic often piles up during peak hours.

The ongoing metro rail works have further added to the woes of the people.

Parked autorickshaws have also compounded the problems for vehicles moving towards Begumpet.

Deputy commissioner of police, Dr G. Sudheer Babu, said, “We have asked the metro rail officials to complete their works within the stipulated time. We will have constables posted near schools during starting and closing hours. Apart from that, the schools will also be asked to keep volunteers to manage the autorickshaw traffic and also for the children who walk back home.”

At Saifabad, near the DGP’s office, construction works of some pillars are still going on and there is construction material on the roads, slowing down traffic.

Traffic police commissioner Jitendra said, “Our main aim is to ensure that the traffic keeps moving. We are going to do that. The timings for schools have so far been managed and we will continue to do so in a similar manner. The schools have also been asked to keep volunteers wherever the works are going on so that management can be easy.”

( Source : dc correspondent )
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