Greenpeace rejects Intelligence Bureau's 'nation security threat' allegations

The government said it would take action if there is illegality

New Delhi: The Greenpeace Foundation on Wednesday refuted allegations of negatively impacting the economic growth of the country, leveled by the Intelligence Bureau (IB) in its report submitted to the Prime Minister's Office (PMO). The government on Wednesday said it would take action if there is illegality.

Bharti Sinha, Communications Director of Greenpeace Foundation, said, "Greenpeace has been active in this country for the past ten years. It has supported and fought for the people whose voices have been subdued."

"As far as IB is concerned, it is a very respectable organization and is carrying out some important functions. We have respect for them and their work. But in this particular matter, we think that they have drawn a wrong conclusion, and we disagree with it. We don't know about the instances and evidences on which their conclusion is based, but we are ready to engage with the government on this matter," Sinha added.

She further said that Greenpeace has never targeted any specific corporations and can explain this point if given a chance by the government. She also denied allegations that Greenpeace provided funds to AAP leader Pankaj Singh, and said that it is an 'apolitical' organization.

"We don't have any political ideology. We have our own values and the people working in this organization are free to enter politics if they want. But they have to resign from the organization. Pankaj Singh was our consultant, and he took a decision to enter politics, and afterwards he resigned from the organization," she said.

On the allegations of Greenpeace targeting energy and nuclear projects of the country, Sinha said, "It is true that we are against nuclear energy. As other people tried to bring in a strong Nuclear Liability Law in this country, we had also made some efforts in the same direction. This law was eventually passed by the government. So, we went with the national mood. There is great danger from nuclear energy."

"As far as thermal plants are concerned, we believe that the government should explore other options instead of coal. We are not against development. Development should take place, but not at the cost of future generations," Sinha added.

She asserted that Greenpeace does not take any funds from any corporate, and has always sustained itself on individual funding.

The IB, in its report dated June 3, has described the Greenpeace Organization as 'a threat to national economic security' and has claimed that there could be negative implications of the NGOs' role on GDP growth ranging from 2-3 per cent per annum".

The IB has also accused the NGO of funding Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) candidate Pankaj Singh in the Lok Sabha Elections, , and staging protest against nuclear and coal plants. It further accuses the NGO of being funded by some foreign activists visiting India.

( Source : ANI )
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