Meet on ageing in Hyderabad

The conference is going to present 35 papers on abuse of elderly citizens

Hyderabad: Financial security and abuse are the biggest concerns of the aging population.

With 103 million people above 60 years constituting 7 per cent of the population, secure aging is one of the biggest challenges for India.

Old age pension has become the biggest struggle, and despite several recommendations the pensions have not been increased to Rs 1,000 per person.

The non-implementation of various recommendations will be the focus at the International Federation of Ageing Global Conference to be held in the city from June 11th to 13th.

The conference is presenting 35 papers on abuse of the elderly. To protect the elderly from abuse and neglect, the president of the International Federation on Ageing, Dr K.R. Gangadharan has been urging the Centre to set up commissions.

Dr Gangadharan explained, “We have laws but they have not been implemented. We need to look at our elders as by 2050 we will have 341 million people in India.”

Enforcement is the biggest challenge in India and the federation feels strict laws will help the elderly.

( Source : dc correspondent )
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