Donald Duck turns 78 today!

Donald Duck was originally known as Donald Fauntelroy Duck

Mumbai:‘Quack Quack’ the moment a kid hears this, the image of Donald Duck appears in his/her mind. This character created by Walt Disney celebrates his birthday every year on June 9.

On Donald Duck’s Birthday, We have decided to make you well informed about the unknown facts of the existence of this animated character

Donald Duck- The animated character was created by Walt Disney. Donald Duck was born in the animated world of movie ‘The Wise Little Hen’ in 1934

Was this animated character originally known as Donald Duck? We bet you haven’t known the fact that his real name is Donald 'Fauntelroy' Duck!

The Voice behind Donald Duck

Clarence Nash was the voice of Donald Duck from 1934 to 1983, with ‘Mickey's Christmas Carol’ being the last time Nash voiced Donald. Sadly, Clarence Nash died of leukemia in 1985.

Donald’s Life Partner

To bring in the human-like feeling of love, another character was created that could introduce a love plot on screen. Donald's better half, the sassy and beautiful Daisy Duck had different name, before she became famous! She was Donna when she first appeared in 'Don Donald,' a 1937 short film.

Walt Disney also authorized Donald to be used as a mascot for the US Coast Guard.

( Source : dc )
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