Vishal and Shekhar to perform live in Bengaluru

The multi-talented duo to take to the stage on June 14

Bengaluru: They have produced one hit after another and now they’re set to storm the city with what they say will be a ‘mad’ concert at The White Orchid. Vishal Dadlani and Shekhar Ravjiani take time out from Farah Khan’s Happy New Year and Siddharth Raj’s Bang Bang for a tête-a-tête with us.

The duo, who had composed the anthem for SRK’s Kolkata Knight Riders a few years ago, sparked rumours about another collaboration after Shekhar and SRK exchanged a few tweets. Vishal laugh’s off the matter saying that nothing is finalised but they would love to compose another anthem for KKR, maybe next year.

Coming back to their upcoming performance, Shekhar adds, “Our concerts in Bengaluru are usually impromptu and takes us and the crowd by surprise. There have been times when we are in the crowd and the audience is on stage. Besides, these guys actually sing along from the beginning to the end and that, for any musician is a feeling of bliss,” states Shekhar.

These prolific musicians have always pushed the envelope when it comes to music. Vishal recently lent his voice for Don’t Care, a track in the Puneeth Rajkumar starrer, Ninindale, while Shekhar sang a Telugu song called Butterfly, which marked his third single in the last two years, since he began working on his own, away from the Vishal-Shekhar label. His fourth single, is due to release on July 12. As usual, true to their style, the two refuse to reveal any details till the end. Incidentally, Vishal has sung in seven different languages, while he can only speak three of them. “I want to sing in every single language,” he says.

After all the squabbles, the bonding, and the long journey over the past 15 years, the two have achieved perfect synchronisation, leaving no room for creative differences. “If something doesn’t sound right to one of us, we approach the piece from a different angle,” cites Shekhar. The two derive their inspiration from the simple and unassuming things in life and their taste and choice in music range over an array of genres. The two enjoy their share of concerts and Shekhar adds that his most memorable one was MJ’s when he came to perform in Mumbai.

“I was standing right in front and when everyone else was suffering the sweltering heat, I was enjoying his music and the (his) air conditioner’s blast from the stage,” he laughs.

Meanwhile, coming back to the work front, the two are headed to New Jersey for a mini tour, post which, they will be going back again in September for a full fledged show. As far as music is concerned, work on both the films is almost done and is ready for the final mix and they insist that it will be like nothing anyone has heard before.

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