China president look-alike becomes internet hit

Snaps have gone viral in China

China: Snaps of a meat pie seller in central China have gone viral because of his resemblance to Xi Jinping, the Communist nation’s President.

Shao Jianhua sells meat pies with dried and pickled vegetables from a small shop close to the dormitory of Hunan University in Changsha.

After his photo appeared in a social media website, customers are queuing up outside his shop not for its Zhejiang-style meat pie, but a picture of the hawker, media reports said. The snaps have gone viral in China, according to the social media aggregator, but Mr Jianhua insists people come for his pies.

“I make 1,600 pies a day during the peak season,” he said., a popular comment-driven Chinese food guide, agrees that diners also rate his pies highly.

( Source : PTI )
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