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It’s Raai Laxmi from now!

Published Jun 4, 2014, 6:48 am IST
Updated Apr 1, 2019, 3:47 am IST
"I developed this emotional and sentimental attachment to the name Raai"
Actress Raai Laxmi     (Photo: DC archives)
 Actress Raai Laxmi (Photo: DC archives)

Kochi: We have heard of actors adding an extra letter to their name for numerological reasons. This svelte beauty has gone a step further. Not only has she added an extra ‘a’ to her name, she has interchanged the first and second. Lakshmi Rai will henceforth be known as Raai Laxmi.

Talking about the name change Raai says, “I have always been known as Raai at home. I was thinking about changing my name for the past one year and told my parents about it. I developed this emotional and sentimental attachment to the name Raai and at last decided to go for it. For the past one month, most of my circle has known about this and in any case I have always been called Raai or Lakshmi Rai never as Lakshmi! This also seems like the right time since I have finished all my earlier projects and now have only the upcoming ones where I can use the name Raai.”


Though it has been only days since she has changed her name, Raai is happy that her fans have accepted it. Yes, she admits that changing her name has led to hassles as the name in her passport and other official documents too need to be changed. “It was not easy,” she quips.