Meet the Fuglies: A social thriller with a message

Published Jun 4, 2014, 4:33 am IST
Updated Jan 10, 2016, 8:50 am IST
On a visit to Hyderabad, the cast of Fugly take us through the plot and more
Starcast of Fugly    (Photo: DC archives)
 Starcast of Fugly (Photo: DC archives)
Hyderabad: It’s an untested cast, directed by a man who is yet to taste some success and claims to be a “social thriller with a message”.
The actors however, are confident, and they even say youngsters in the country will be able to really relate to the movie, even if it’s called Fugly.
“It’s about four young people in their early 20s living in Delhi, having their usual share of fun, and then they face a situation where things just don’t work in their favour. The film charts five years in the lives of these characters and what they do to come out of their problems,” says Mohit Marwah, who plays one of the leads.
Mohit, who is filmmaker Boney Kapoor and actor Anil Kapoor’s nephew, insists that he had to struggle as much as any newcomer to get a break in Bollywood. 
Mohit says, “Since my parents were based in Delhi, I wasn’t aware of how things worked in Mumbai. When I decided to be an actor, I came down here, worked as an intern and then as an assistant director. I remember serving tea to Akshay Kumar on one of his film sets as an intern. Now, I am debuting with his production house.”
Boxer Vijender Singh, the only recognisable face among the debutants, says that the transition from films to boxing was rather easy. “I had received many offers since my Olympic win, but there was something about this particular script which made me agree to do it,” says Vijender, who plays an aspiring boxer in the film.
Quite confident of making a mark, Vijender’s only qualm while filming was that he had no idea how to cry. “I used to be the first actor on set, learning my dialogues  but I didn’t know how to cry. I am a boxer, I have never cried in my life,” he adds.
Kiara Advani, female lead in the film, says that the boys always treated her as one of them. “And I was quite pampered too. Since we were filming in Delhi, Mohit used to get diet food for me from his home. Vijender ended up applying mascara for me for most of my shots. Arfi and I would play most of the pranks on the set,” Kiara says.
Engineer-turned-actor Arfi Lamba, who has also done a cameo in Slumdog Millionaire, is confident of his first commercial venture, “I am the funny bone in the film, and when I am crying, as an audience, you would probably be laughing at me.”