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Vaastu for the perfect start: Suddala Sudhakar Teja

Published Jun 2, 2014, 4:44 am IST
Updated Apr 1, 2019, 4:17 am IST
Suddala Sudhakar Teja explains what Vaastu is all about
Suddala Sudhakar Teja  (Photo: Deccan Chronicle)
 Suddala Sudhakar Teja (Photo: Deccan Chronicle)

Hyderabad: “When birds can build beautiful nests and live happily, why can’t humans? When a garland of flowers can stay fresh for long in a temple, why should it wither in homes?” asks Suddala Sudhakar Teja, who was entrusted with selecting a Vaastu compliant CM’s camp office and house for TRS president and Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao at Kundanbagh in the city recently.

Popularly known as Teja, Suddala Sudhakar Teja asserts that a perfect Vaastu house or office ensures healthy living and proper decision making at all times.


“Vaastu is nothing but dwellings with good ventilation, airflow and gravitational power, which ensure healthy living and a good working environment leading to proper decision making. In fact, we are distancing from nature day by day which is turning into a catastrophe,” he complains.

Most temples, he says, are built on the principles of Vaastu, hence the environment is lovely.
“A flower garland in a temple survives for long but not in a house. Why? Because the construction is based on nature,” he points out.

Forty-nine year old Teja, who was born in Suddala village of Nalgonda district, is a self-made Vaastu expert. A graduate in Arts from V.V. College, Hyderabad, he did his MA in Theatre Arts, but was pulled towards Vaastu.


“It always irked me as to why people did not build perfect houses like birds, and also some humans, and live happily? Why are some people living in huts happier and healthier than those living in posh Banjara Hills and Jubilee Hills houses?” he asks.

Son of famed revolutionary poet Suddala Hanumanthu, Sudhakar is the youngest in the popular family of four — Ashok Teja, Prabhakar Teja and Suddala Bharathi.

“I took up Vaastu as a profession in 1991. I met prominent people, Vaastu experts and read books on Vaastu for about six years before taking it up as a full-time profession. My hard work paid off. I was consulted by politicians, industrialists and businessman from all over India besides Andhra Pradesh and Hyderabad,” he says.


Asked about his Vaastu tips to KCR, Teja is cautious and says that while most of his clients prefer to remain incognito, KCR’s name is out in the open.
“I don’t like to reveal names of politicians or businessmen who consult me. I make several trips to New Delhi, Bengaluru and other cities. It’s done in confidence,” he asserts.

Location: Andhra Pradesh