Why do women regret one night stands?

Published May 30, 2014, 1:23 pm IST
Updated Apr 1, 2019, 4:52 am IST
When the man doesn't want her anymore after the first night, she regrets having sex

Mumbai: According to sex experts, women regret having a one-night stand as compared to men. Some women never want to have a second experience of a one night stand. Many feel worthless when they get up in the morning; what seemed like a wonderful experience at night becomes a nightmare. It affects the way some see men, and it definitely affects the way they’d look at men with whom they’ve had a one night stand.

Women prefer to have sex only if it is a long lasting relationship


Accroding to a survey, many women believe that by having a one night stand they will get the guy interested in a more serious relationship. They feel betrayed when men just leave it at the level of casual sexual relationships. For many women, sex is something that can happen within a serious relationship, but men do not see it that way, not always, and not most men.

Many atimes, the guy doesn’t want her after the one night  stand. And due to this betrayal, she feels like she was just being used as a thing and feels wasted all her life.


Getting drunk overnight can lead to regrets

Many women are easily aroused sexually when they drink. Many women prefer to have one night stand after having one beer. Men can take advantage of the drunkenness to have sex with the woman. Some men even use beer to seduce women.

Waking up the next morning, the woman realises that alcohol was the reason. At this moment, she finds herself useless and regrets all that happened the previous night.

Realisation that casual sex cannot solve a failed relationship

Women who come from a recent breakup are emotionally vulnerable, in most cases. They are ready to be with anyone who can help them forget the guy. They want something new, something to take their minds away from him. They open their wounds wide to first comers. The need for escape can make women accept any deal on the table. They think that by having sex with another man, they’ll forget the man they love.


Some even think that a one night stand can be the beginning of a new journey, a healing, an exciting adventure that can fill the void they experience within. They find out that they were wrong after sex, when the same problems returns. They realize that in place of healing more wounds are created.