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Vehicle owners waiting for their Registration Certificates

Published May 26, 2014, 11:36 am IST
Updated Apr 1, 2019, 5:48 am IST
Registration Certificates is the primary document of ownership of a vehicle
Representational Photo    (DC archives)
 Representational Photo (DC archives)

Hyderabad: A shortage of smart cards has left several new vehicle owners in the city’s outskirts waiting for their Registration Certificates (RCs).

Many people are reportedly waiting for smart cards in some RTOs of Ranga Reddy district and as a result their registrations couldn’t be completed.


Registration Certificates is the primary document of ownership of a vehicle and is one of the documents asked for by the police while checking vehicles. Some RTOs were also closed on Friday due to connectivity issues. Senior officials said there was no shortage and the problems have been resolved. Also, unlike the driving license, there is no home delivery of smart cards or status updates on the same.

Smart cards have replaced the conventional Registration Certificate documents. They are supplied by the Andhra Pradesh Technology Services (APTS) which in turn procures them from private firms.

However, there seems to be a gap in the supplies of smart cards to some RTOs as a result of which there are problems in delivery. The registration process requires vehicle owners to pay the road tax and a temporary registration number is issued. Vehicles owners can then go to their respective RTOs and get the permanent registration number by submitting the required documents.

“I have been coming here and checking for more than two weeks now, but I have not got the Registration Certificate. The person in charge is saying there are no smart cards and is asking me to come later,” vehicle owner G. Sahadev said at the Uppal RTO. Uppal RTO was also closed on Friday due to “connectivity issues.”

Senior officials say there was a supply gap but has been resolved now. Khairatabad RTO D. Dasaradham said there was no such issue in his area.

A senior transport official said, “There was some problem with the supply of smart cards but as far as I know it has been overcome now.”
The official also said there is no home delivery of Registration Certificates considering it takes very less time to issue one.

“It takes only a little time to issue a Registration Certificate. So generally people come and get it within a day.”

Ranga Reddy deputy transport commissioner C. Ramesh could not be reached in spite of several attempts.

Location: Andhra Pradesh