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Movie review 'Medulla Oblam Katta': Is a wholesome entertainer

Published May 24, 2014, 10:56 pm IST
Updated Apr 1, 2019, 6:06 am IST
The foursome will definitely often make you laugh your heart out


Cast: Rahul Madhav, Saiju Kurup, Rakendhu, Arjun Nandakumar


Director: Suresh Nair

Rating: ***

Moments and feelings captured in one's brain is what one is made of. Take away a man's memories and you take all out of him. Medulla Oblongata is a comedy movie that reminds you the importance of memory, love and friendship. Director Suresh Nair has successfully dished out a real life story which is also a remake of the popular Tamil hit, Naduvula Konjam Pakkatha Kaanom, to the film lovers of Kerala in Malayali style. It is a "make 'em laugh" film designed to elicit laughter from the audience with light-hearted instances, amusing dialogues and humorous expressions.

Chandru (Rahul Madav) is all set to get married to his sweetheart Nidhi Patel (Avana). Being an inter-state marriage, Chandru and his best buddies Appachan (Saiju Kurup), Seetharaman (Arjun Nandakumar), Rahul Madav (Chandru) and Rakendu (Mani Kantan) had to struggle a lot to convince his family. Two days before the wedding, they play cricket, just to ease the stress. While attempting to catch a ball during the leisurely match, Chandru falls down and gets hit on the area of the head where the medulla oblongata is situated and temporarily loses his recent (the past one year’s) memory. Unfortunately he even forgets his fiancée and the marriage bit.

Considering the doctor's remark, that Chandru will regain his memory in two days, Appachan, Mani and Seetha decide not to disclose the truth to his relatives, especially to the bride. The incidents that follow this decision are what keep the audience hooked.

The entire movie tells us how an inclusive tragedy can be narrated as a comedy. The foursome will often make you laugh looking at the unfortunate happenings and circumstances they are involved in. With just one word, 'enthu patty', the director brings out giggles, enragement and sorrow from the audience. All the four central characters have done a brilliant job, especially Saiju Kurup and Rakendu. There are many moments in the film that are relatable and hilarious -- Chandru's reception scenes, his rememberance of his childhood love, Thankamani, during his wedding, Appachan's momentary escape from handling Chandru and Mani Kantan's innocent questions and comments. The saloon scene, hospital scene and the tea shop scene are definitely laugh-triggers. The playful background score by Siddharth Vipin during gripping scenes like Chandru's encounter with his father, fiancé and mother makes the audience laugh out loud.

The slow narration of the film can be justified by the nature of the story, but sometimes monotony creeps in when Chandru keeps repeating the same dialogues. It is also acceptable as that is what one would do during short term memory loss. If there was a better supporting cast, crisp editing and finer cinematography, the movie would have certainly became a box office hit.

On the whole, debutant director Suresh Nair's low budget movie filled with endearing and engaging moments has managed to offer a wholesome entertainment that warms the cockles of your heart. 


Location: Kerala