What makes Indrajith tick

Published May 21, 2014, 10:58 am IST
Updated Apr 1, 2019, 6:50 am IST
The blue-eyed boy of M’town says there’s more to life than films
Actor Indrajith   (Photo: DC archives)
 Actor Indrajith (Photo: DC archives)

Kochi: He is known as the ‘Leonardo Di Caprio of Mollywood’. Indrajith is a one-in-a-million kind of actor who always strikes a chord with the audience with his stunning performances. “If people call me that, I take it as an honour. I believe people’s acceptance is more important than bagging an award. I am so happy that people still love my characters like Fr Vincent Vattoli, Vattu Jayan,” says Indrajith.

When the State Film Award was announced, many movie buffs supported him, saying that he deserves an award for his immense contribution to the film industry. Indrajith was overwhelmed by the unexpected support from them and was thankful for their love.


“During the initial years of my career, whenever I did some good roles, people used to say that I would win an award for my performance. However, that never happened and I felt a bit disappointed. Meanwhile, I realised that there are greater things to do as an actor and as a person,” says Indrajith, who quit his job as a software engineer to follow his heart to become an actor.

Indrajith has essayed a lot of memorable roles giving his 100 per cent for its perfection. Talking about the slew of upcoming projects, he says “My next movie, which is ready for release, is Naku Penta Naku Taka. I just finished shooting for Rajeev Nath’s Rasam with Lalettan and now I am donning the role of a cop in Jean Markose’s Angels. Then there is Double Barrel Iratta Kuzhal with Prithviraj.”


Naku Penta Naku Taka, directed by Vayalar Madhavankutty, has been shot entirely in Kenya. He says that the experience was totally amazing. “I am a complete travel addict, so going to faraway places always excites me. I thoroughly enjoyed working for this movie and Kenya is  truly a  heaven on earth. We were actually talking about it being only place in the world where one would not find a Malayali, but we were proved wrong!  Everyone should definitely visit Kenya at least once before they die!”

Indrajith, who prefers to go slow and steady, has tasted many failures in his acting career, especially when it comes to solo hero roles. Has that made him vulnerable as an actor? “I never made any deliberate attempts to establish myself as a hero. For a film to be successful,  there are many factors like story, the making and marketing. Certain films that I have done lacked in one of the three criteria. Having said that, I am not blaming anyone, that’s how cinema works, it is a world of uncertainty. I am waiting for one such movie where the three elements work out perfectly together.”


Apart from his passion for acting, he is a passionate traveler. “I am a travel aficionado. I am always excited about travelling, particularly on a bike. Feeling the wind on my face and getting to see and know new places always refreshes my mind. I am planning a biking tour to the Himalayas with my friends. That would be an adventure ride covering around 3,000 kms.”

Despite scaling new heights, Indrajith always makes it a point to spend quality time with his wife Poornima and his two daughters Prarthana and Nakshatra.

“I am so happy that Poornima is doing well with her boutique. My daughters always enjoy seeing me on screen. They are too small to criticise their father but the elder one, Prarthana has started giving  me her opinions — about my roles, my look, my clothes and how all the three could have been better!” chuckles Indrajith.