BJP makes inroads into CPM base in Kerala

The BJP candidates polled a minimum 50, 000 votes in all the constituencies

Kochi: An analysis of the 15th and 16th Lok Sabha polls show that the BJP is consolidating its presence in the state at the expense of the main Left party CPI(M).

Though the Left Democratic Front managed to double its tally from four seats in 2009, the vote share of the CPM further declined while that of the BJP increased with most of the candidates polling a minimum 50, 000 votes.

Against 48, 37, 333 (30.48 per cent) votes polled in 2009, the CPM could garner only 38, 80, 655 votes (excluding Independents) this time. Its vote share has fallen from 30.48 per cent in the 15th Lok Sabha polls to 21.05 per cent now.

The BJP increased its vote share from 6.31 per cent to 10.07 per cent – 18, 56, 796 votes against 10, 11, 563 votes garnered five years ago. The CPI, though, saw its total vote tally going up slightly but the vote share falling from 8.62 per cent to 7.40 per cent – 13, 64, 010 votes against 11, 93, 300 that it got in 2009.

“The CPM failed to woo voters especially the young lot as it failed miserably in highlighting creative issues. Though it used the solar scam as the main poll weapon, it failed to cut ice with the voters who are more concerned about development issues. There is an impression that the solar scam benefitted the BJP and the AAP more than the Left,” said Dr D Dhanuraj, Chairman, Centre for Public Policy Research.

The BJP candidates polled a minimum 50, 000 votes in all the constituencies – 50,438 in Kottayam being the lowest and 1, 72, 826 in Kasargod the highest.

At the national level too, the vote percentage of the CPI (M) fell from 5.33 per cent in 2009 to a meagre 3.6 per cent, thus even facing a threat to its national status.

( Source : dc )
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