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Stirred for the summer rain

Published May 15, 2014, 6:48 pm IST
Updated Apr 1, 2019, 8:01 am IST
This season, have a party with some really delicious cocktails
Picture used for representation only-DC
 Picture used for representation only-DC

Bengaluru: This season, have a party with some really delicious cocktails from Stoli as lady bartender and renowned mixologist, Shatbhi Basu shares some high spirits

Perla Azul
A mix of blue Curacao, litchi juice and Stoli, this cocktail is the smoothest of the lot.
Glass: Pilsner/Slim Collins
45 ml Stoli vodka, 5 ml Blue Curacao, 30 ml litchi juice,
10 ml lime juice, sprite to top it.
Garnish with orange slices

l Pour litchi juice at the bottom of the glass.
l Fill the glass with ice.
l Add lime juice and top it up 3/4 with sprite.
l Mix blue Curacao with vodka
l Float the blue vodka on top
l Garnish



Te Amo
Stoli with peach, love bites.
Glass: Pre-chilled Martini
60 ml Stoli Vodka
10 ml Monin Peach syrup.
Garnish with two almonds

l Fill shaker with ice
Add vodka and peach syrup. Stir
and pour it into pre-chilled Martini glass and drop in two almonds for garnish

Hot Wired
A slushy mix of blackcurrant and Stoli with lime and served with a black salt rim, sure to set your lip smacking.
Glass: Margarita

60 ml Stoli Vodka
45 ml Black currant crush
15 ml limejuice
Garnish with mint sprigs and black salt rim

Fill shaker with two scoops of crushed ice, add ingredients and blend until it becomes a slushie
Pour it in a black salt rimmed glass.