Almost 340k fan following in less than a week - Twitterrific Rajinikanth!

Published May 10, 2014, 3:00 am IST
Updated Apr 1, 2019, 9:07 am IST
The superstar is among world’s top 10 celebs to command such crazy numbers
Chennai: He is 63 years old, considered a demi-god by many die-hard fans, and is one of the most prolific and influential superstars. Rajinikanth, the Tamil actor who is not unfamiliar with breaking records — be it films, trends, fan following, etc. — joined Twitter on May 5. And guess what? He broke all records there as well! (Not that we are surprised!) 
The news went viral and Thalaivar’s Twitter account @superstarrajini following went from zero to a whopping 2 lakh followers and counting within 24 hours. Well, his name is synonyms with records, isn’t it! 
Avinash Yegyanarayanan, a Thalaivar fan and professional shares, “Of course, as a big Rajini fan, I am thrilled. Rajini is so awesome that one tweet of his is equivalent to 3,792 tweets as per Twitter! And here’s something... which is a #truestory: Rajini joining twitter was such a celestial event that Chennai had rainfall for a week and a temperature of 25 degrees and it’s been awesome weather in Chennai over the last week at least. It’s the best thing to have happened to Twitter in ages... just wish he tweets instead of an ad agency.” 
Whereas Pankaj Kumar, an IT geek, says, “I think everyone needs to first correct their grammar! Dude! It is: Twitter joins Rajnikant not the other way around.” 
“Naan oru thadava sonna, nooru thadava sonna maadiri” meaning: If I say something once, it’s like I have said it a hundred times — this is one of Rajini’s famous punchlines in a blockbuster movie. Similarly, Rajini’s account has only one tweet as of now which he posted day before yesterday. And that one tweet has been re-tweeted 11,000 times. People who are not even on Twitter are enthusiastically checking his account and it has literally created a virtual tornado! 
Amrita Talwar, who works with a publishing house, says, “I am not on Twitter but after hearing that Rajnikanth is on Twitter, I am opening a Twitter account.” 
According to a popular survey available online Bollywood giant Amitabh Bachachan had 37,500 followers on the first day and King Khan almost 11,000. According to the survey, the superstar is among the world’s top 10 celebs to command such crazy numbers on the first day. Rishi Jaitly, Twitter India, market director said, “@SuperStarRajini has received an overwhelming response on Twitter with users from all over the world welcoming him by sending him tweets and following him... The conversation around him and his movie characters before his arrival on the platform was already very rife amongst our users. His use of the platform will give his fans a whole new experience of the live, public and conversational nature of Twitter.”
Time will tell whether the star tweets himself or his team of managers manage the account on his behalf, but fans of Rajinikanth are euphoric at the thought of connecting with their demigod directly. Interestingly Rajinikanth isn’t following anyone up till now. Let us all hope that the Twitter servers don’t crash!