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Turn your android phone into an emergency hearing aid

Deccan Chronicle| Francis D\'Sa

Published on: May 7, 2014 | Updated on: Invalid date

Install a simple and free android app and turn your phone into a hearing aid

For those who have a hearing problem, have forgotten their hearing aid at home, or have not charger the battery on the hearing aid, a simple android app can help them.

Ear Spy is a free android application that is basically an amplifier, which amplifies the audio from the phone’s microphone to the earphones or a Bluetooth headset. The application is super-simple and needs no tweaking or settings, whatsoever. Simply install the app, plug in your headphones and run it and increase the volume accordingly to suit your needs. You can tweak the 5-band equalizer to increase and decrease the different sound frequencies according to your preference.

Ear Spy is actually designed for eavesdropping on people since it can amplify sounds to a higher level. Since it also supports Bluetooth headsets, you can eavesdrop from across rooms too.

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