I will never ever forget 'Bigg Boss': Kamya Punjabi

Published May 4, 2014, 7:27 pm IST
Updated Apr 1, 2019, 10:15 am IST
The actor is currently seen essaying the role of a witch in 'Hatim'
Mumbai: Although known for her negative shades on the small screen, Kamya Punjabi is veering away from her usual portrayal to essay the role of a witch in Nikhil Sinha’s The Adventures of Hatim. The actress speaks about the show, her experience on Bigg Boss and her recent cricket endeavour. 
Please tell us about your role in Hatim.
Producer Nikhil Sinha is a very close friend of mine and he always wanted me to be a part of Hatim. My character in the show is that of a witch who is a little crazy and  obsessed. I’ve done a lot of negative roles in the past, but this one is different. The feedback I’ve gotten so far for the role is excellent and playing a witch is a very different experience. Also, I take a lot of time to get into the costume!
You’ve maintained a low profile after Bigg Boss. How has the show changed you?
Not at all. I am not a media person anyway and I let my work speak for me. Bigg Boss has helped me in the sense that before the show, people used to recognise me as my character from my previous shows. But after BB, people have come to know me and love me as Kamya Punjabi.
You have done films, TV soaps and reality shows. What’s been the best experience so far?
I’d say I liked Big Boss the most. It was a very difficult place to survive in and has made me strong and patient. It has also made me realise many things in just three months. I will never ever forget the experience.  
You recently associated yourself with cricket as the owner of the BCL team Jaipur Joshiley. How much you are enjoying that?
I loved being a part of BCL matches as I am a big fan of cricket. When I got to know of the opportunity, I didn’t want to let go of it. I am proud to be associated with it.
You’re a mother, actor and owner of a cricket team now. Which role do you enjoy the most? 
Being a mother is an amazing feeling. My daughter is now four years old and her name is Ara. I was  short tempered before, but motherhood has calmed me down a lot. She is sweet, stronger than me and very understanding.