Chennai blast kills Andhra Pradesh techie; 14 hurt

Swathi was returning home with dreams ended up in an unfortunate death

Chennai: A young woman techie was killed and 14 other passengers sustained bleeding injuries when two bombs, suspected to be IEDs with timers, went off in quick succession in adjacent compartments of the Bengaluru-Guwahati express train on Thursday morning.

The blasts took place at about 7.14 am in the S4 and S5 coaches, within five minutes of the train arriving here from Bengaluru. The impact caused some damage to the S3 coach as well.

The deceased, Swathi, 24, worked for software major TCS in Bengaluru and was on her way home to Guntur in AP. Her grieving parents rushed here and took the body to the native place in a government ambulance.

Swathi was to get married in two months.

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