Movie Review 'Maanikya': Crazy, Kichcha shine in yet another 'remake'

Sudeep has garnished the movie with every possible commercial aspects
What happens when Crazy Star V. Ravichandran and Kichcha Sudeep come together on big screen for the first time? 'Entertainment' at its best would be the simplest answer to it. When nobody could imagine the evergreen lover of sandalwood shifting his gear down for a 'fathrer' role, Maanikya is a well crafted remake of the hit Telugu movie Mirchi.
With more love for directing a remake being the common factor amongst the two huge stars, Kichcha is back to direction after a while, has garnished the movie with every possible commercial aspects for an enthralling experience.
The subject of the film which has been done to death in the neighbouring film industry especially in Tollywood makes a come back with striking similarity to one of the recent films of a leading star in sandalwood.
This one being a bit stretchy, Kichcha yet again stamps his authority on directing the remake with a complete package of adrenaline pumping high emotion, action and drama. For those who are unaware of the original script, Maanikya is about two families in neighbouring village with opposite thinking - one taking the path of peace and another one being the evil. The first half is laced with humour while Kichcha makes a grand entry rescuing the beautiful Ranya studying in Singapore. Soon the action shifts to Bengaluru and then to a village in Hubli where the evil family is hungry for the blood of those following the peaceful path of the village head Ravichandran, who believes in 'loving all.'
Before Kichcha makes an attempt to change the evil family, it takes a twist with his father's past separating from his mother played by Ramya Krishnan, for the cause of the villagers. Shekar Chandru who is the eye of the film has done a commendable job with some scenes shot beautifully including the fight sequences. Arjun Janya's music sounds apt with more emphasis given to the background score. The much talked about song filmed with digital graphics fails to impress much and the rest is a nice watch for the audience with an extended weekend and back to back general holidays.
( Source : deccan chronicle )
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