Movie Review ‘Kotha Janta’: It’s Regina all the way!

Though the film’s concept is good, the narration is slow and predictable
Cast: Allu Sirish, Regina Cassandra, Rao Ramesh, Saptagiri, Posani and Rohini
Director: Maruthi
Rating: **1/5
Allu Sirish’s second film ‘Kotha Janta’ is a regular commercial film directed by Maruthi. Regina Cassandra is the female lead.
Kotha Junta, a romcom entertainer, has all the necessary commercial elements for a full on entertainer. In the film Sirish (Allu Sirish) and Suvarna (Regina) are by selfish by nature and the film is about how the selfish attitude changes because of love.
They’ve been selfish from childhood and carry the same attitude into their youth. Both work with a private television channel and try to take the channel to the top. They have their individual jobs to do but get into frequent fights because of their selfishness. Somewhere along the way Suvarna falls in love with Sirish, but he wants to use her love to get further in his career. Suvarna loves him sincerely, but he doesn’t respond, and instead rejects her. A deeply hurt Suvarna realizes that Sirish is a very selfish person. The crux of the story is about how Sirish changes his mentality and attitude and realizes the value of true love.
Director Maruthi who has a reputation of double entendre dialogues in his earlier films, has come up with clean dialogues this time. However, the dialogues are not very impressive.
Though the film’s concept is good, the narration is slow and predictable. The climax is also not interesting and the film ends in a somewhat hurried manner.
The cinematography is goodbut the music is average.
Assessing the artistes’ performance, it would be right to say that Allu Sirish has to improve a lot and he may be better off doing some homework before shooting for his next film. From the beginning till the end he has only one expression in his face whether it’s a comic scene or a serious one. He has to work out on his emotions and expressions. His body language also does not come across as comfortable. This is only his second film, so there is a lot of scope for improvement.
The star of the film is undoubtedly Regina Cassandra. She looks cute and bubblyand delivers a delightful performance. She has done her character with ease and with the right expressions.She has a bright future ahead of her!
Madhurima plays a cameo. Saptagiri and Posani provide a few laughs. Rohini plays Sirish’s mother and does a good job with her role.
On the whole, ‘Kotha Janta’ is not very impressive and is good only in parts. The only good thing about the film is director Maruthi, who banked on vulgar jokes in his earlier films, has not used any this time! You can catch the film to kill time and some curiosity!
( Source : dc online )
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