Narendra Modi criticises Rahul Gandhi for his lack of knowledge of Gujarat

Rahul recently slamed Modi for more than 7,000 crore jobs lying vacant in Gujarat

New Delhi: Escalating further the war of words, BJP’s PM candidate Narendra Modi on Sunday dubbed Rahul Gandhi as a “specimen” who has “little knowledge” of Gujarat. The Congress vice-president hit back accusing Mr Modi and the BJP at his Bhatinda rally of adopting “double standards” on corruption and favouring select industrialists.

Mr Modi lampooned Mr Gandhi for dishing out “falsehoods” in speeches about vast job vacancies and the institution of the lokayukta Gujarat. He also alleged the Congress had sent 100 emissaries to his hometown, Vadnagar, to find out if he ever used to sell tea or not.

“If you want to relieve stress, listen to Rahul’s speeches. As per his mathematics, there are 27,000 crore jobs lying vacant in Gujarat. How can this be possible when the total population of Gujarat is six crores. What kind of namuna (specimen) has the Congress brought?” Mr Modi said during a rally in Patan.

He also accused the Congress chief of heaping injustice on Gujarat over the issue of Narmada dam saying, “Mrs Gandhi claimed that Gujarat is deprived of drinking water. During Congress rule, water was sent to Saurashtra through trains. We have laid pipelines for that.”

( Source : dc correspondent )
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